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=== Message From the PTA President ===

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“Although we sail in these uncharted waters, we sail them together. We are not alone. It is with that understanding of community-- this PS 59 community-- that I look forward to charting these new waters for and with you.”


Greetings PS 59 Families,

As a nation--a world-- we are in witness of racism in its full corrosive form. We are also seeing a response across our nation and world that is seeking actionable change towards an equitable and just society for us all.

We’re all facing questions from our children, friends, family members--ourselves-- that are vast is scope and layered in their responses. When addressing racism and social injustice, intersectionality abounds. Perspectives are vast. There may be many awkward and uncomfortable moments. Having space to communicate these matters is clearly needed. We cannot continue in silence and inequity.

As a school community at PS 59, we take our various intersectionalities and connect them to create the best possible space for our children to thrive. Like a beam of light, we shine a ray out for our children to see: communication; learning; respect; love. 

These are what we need today and always. As adults, we are seeing the changes around us and so do our children.

Let us continue to model for them; show them how we approach injustice and make change towards a more just society. How we can talk and listen to those we are in community with. How we communicate and not stay silent. How being awkward and uncomfortable can lead to doing and being better.

Families, it’s the beginning of a new wave for us. I have hope in this next part of the journey as I’ve seen us rise up and push through school closures and weeks of quarantine. This school year may be coming to an end, but our work will continue to prepare a school environment that will set a strong foundation for their future selves. 

My favorite saying from Maya Angelou sings true for me again: “We May Encounter Many Defeats But We Must Not Be Defeated.” Although I am not sure what is ahead, I will stay hope-filled that you all-- my PS 59 community-- will be with me in charting these waters fiercely together.

Continued peace and wellness to you and your family

Be Well,

~Aja L Harris

PTA President

=== PS 59 PTA Coffee & Conversations ===

Wednesday, 6/10 9AM-10:30AM  school updates and guided conversation with Randy Topper, our school Social Worker, and Guest Malissa Wilson of PAX Partner/ SEL Coach. This week: Communication in the moment

PTA General Meeting- Wednesday, 6/17 9AM-10:30AM  PTA year end meeting; school updates and Wellness with Randy Topper our school Social Worker and Guest, Malissa Wilson of PAX Partner/ SEL Coach. This week: Strategies for Summer Wellness


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